Encrypt and decrypt files with a password


Instructions to encrypt files and decrypt files with a password using the gpg command from the GnuPG project.

To encrypt a single file:

Sample output:

This will create a filename.gpg file.

To decrypt the file encrypted with gpg:

Sample output:


Installing Adobe Source Code Pro fonts


Source Code Pro is a monospaced It is the second open source font family created by Paul D. Hunt for Adobe and distributed under the SIL Open Font License.

The Source Code Pro fonts has been designed to work well in coding environments. This family of fonts is a complementary design to the Source Sans family. It is available in six weights (Regular, ExtraLight, Light, Semibold, Bold, Black).

To install Adobe Source Code Pro fonts on linux, execute the follow commands in the terminal:

Enjoy your new font!

Running .desktop files from command line

Follow these instructions to run desktop files from command line in Ubuntu 14.04.


1) Create a new file: ~/bin/run-desktop

2) Set the execute permission

3) Create a new file: ~/.local/share/applications/run-desktop.desktop

4) Add a new entry to ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list